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    Our Commitment to the Environment

    Instead of using less expensive, therefore more harmful, options for hte management and disposal of products and resources, our company commits to being environmentally responsible. We believe the positive environmental impact we make today is the footprint for tomorrow. 

    What steps do we take to protect the environment?

    - Recycle 100% of all petroleum products, antifreeze, transmission fluid, and Freon

    - Recycle 85% to 95% of the water used in washing your vehicle

    - Use biodegradable cleaning products (cleaning rags are re-used and never disposed of)

    - Equipment motors are continuously staggered to reduce overall energy consumption

    - Use about 25 gallons of fresh water per wash (compared to about 120 gallons used when washing your vehicle at home)

    - Our Lube Center and Auto Repair locations are official used oil drop off centers

    Official Used Oil Drop-Off Centers

    Disposing of oil at home through the garage or down the storm drain can cause significant harm to the environment. The disposed oil runs to rivers, lakes, and streams and contaminates the water supply. To prevent this from happening, bring your used oil to any Lube Center or Auto Repair location so it can be recycled! 

    Through recycling, oil can be:

    - Refined and transformed into a base lubrication oil for factory and other types of machinery

    - Reprocessed and burned for heat in furnaces or in power plants that generate electricity

    By bringing your used oil to us, you are helping to keep our water clean and protecting local wildlife. Now that's something to feel good about!

    The Eco-Friendly Way to Wash Your Vehicle

    To avoid pollution of the ground around our sites, the Auto Spa uses only biodegradable cleaning products.  Our products meet the criteria for human and environmental health as set forth by the EPA’s Design for the Environment program.  

    It is very important to recognize the value of water conservation in our everyday lives. We continuously aim to maintain an eco-friendly business. 

    Crushing Oil & Fluid Filters

    Oil and other automotive fluid filters are changed on a frequent basis and can take up significant space in lanfills if just simply thrown away. The fluids in these filters are toxic and pollute the local environment. 

    In order to prevent this, we crush all oil and fluid filters prior to disposal. 

    Did you know that the crushing process removes 75% of the excess fluid remaining in the filter and compresses the filter to reduce the landfill space used? 

    By reducing and preventing these chemicals and other non-biodegradable materials found in landfills, we hope to make a healthier environment for all of us to enjoy!