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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Find answers to commonly asked vehicle care, customer service, and Loyalty Club related issues or contact Customer Relations at 301-668-1440 x100.

    Q: How often do I really need to have my oil changed?

    The answer is different for everyone. Oil change frequency varies depending on your specific vehicle and individual driving habits. The Lube Center recommends oil change service every 3,000 miles, but your owner’s manual provides recommendations on oil change frequency for your specific vehicle based on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

    Q: To maintain my warranty, don't I have to use my dealer for scheduled maintenance and repairs?
    No. You can have your car serviced anywhere to maintain the warranty requirements as outlined in your vehicles owner’s manual. Be sure to keep copies of all receipts as a record of services performed. The Lube Center precisely follows each vehicle manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations.
    Q: What are some warning signs that may mean car trouble?
    1.     Your Check Engine light is on
    2.     Your Battery light is on
    3.     There is a grinding or high pitch squeaking noise coming from your brakes
    4.     Your vehicle’s temperature gauge reads in the hot or red zone
    5.     You see any steam or smoke coming from under the hood
    6.     Your vehicle vibrates severely when applying the brakes at highway speeds
    7.     Your vehicle is sputtering, hesitating, or loses power while driving
    8.     There is any type of fluid leaking from underneath the car
    9.     Your vehicle attempts to or does shut off each time you stop at a light or stop sign

    If you experience any of these symptoms we recommend taking your vehicle to the nearest Auto Repair location as soon as possible for evaluation.
    Q: Why rotate your tires and how often?
    Rotating existing tires to new positions evens out wear and maximizes the life of each tire. It helps to distribute wear more evenly because each position wears the tires in different places.   You should rotate your tires about every 6,000 miles or based on your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.  
    Q: Doesn't radiator maintenance only matter in the summer?
    The radiator (or cooling system) circulates coolant while you drive to regulate the temperature of your vehicle's engine. Over time the coolant looses effectiveness which can lead to overheating and other consequent damages if not replaced every 24 months. The cooling system is critical to engine performance all year round, not just during hot weather.
    Q: What is a cabin air filter and why change it?
    The cabin air filter cleans air that you and your passengers breathe by filtering out dirt and other contaminants. Replacing your cabin air filter regularly reduces contaminants such as pollen, dust, and odors that enter your vehicle through the vent system and can help reduce allergy symptoms year round. You should change your cabin air filter at least every 12 months or 12,000 miles or based on your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.
    Q: Where is the closest Lube Center location?
    Go to the Find a Location box at the top of every page or to the Locations page to find the Lube Center nearest to you.
    Q: What are the store hours?
    All Lube Centers are open 7 days a week, but the hours vary depending on location. Visit the Locations page to view the hours at any location.   
    Q: Do you require an appointment?
    Absolutely not. Our drive-thru oil change service makes it easy to get you in and out quickly. If you would like to make an appointment for additional services, please contact the Lube Center location nearest you. 
    Q: What can I expect from my visit to the Lube Center?
    At the Lube Center we care for your car as if it were our own and will do whatever it takes to meet your expectations. We know that your time is valuable and promise to get you in and out quickly without compromising our attention to detail. We want your visit to be relaxing and stress-free; our technicians only recommend maintenance that your vehicle actually needs and strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations for all oil changes and services. With over 25 years of automotive experience, you can trust us for all of your vehicle maintenance needs; we use only the highest quality products and stand behind everything we do with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
    Q: How much does an oil change cost at the Lube Center?
    The cost of an oil change varies based on your specific vehicle and its manufacturer’s recommended maintenance criteria. At the Lube Center we strictly adhere to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations for all services. Your Lube Center technician can advise you on the best oil change option for your vehicle and driving habits. For a vehicle-specific quote contact the location nearest you or go the customer service form.
    Q: What types of vehicles can the Lube Center service?

    The Lube Center can service the following vechicle makes

















    Land Rover







    Mini Cooper









    Smart Car





    And many more specialy makes

    Q: Does a visit to the Lube Center always take 10 minutes?

    Your oil change service will typically take 10 minutes, but the wait time may vary depending on the time of day and location visited. If your vehicle requires additional maintenance services, your visit will last longer than 10 minutes; your Lube Center technician can provide a time estimate expected prior to beginning any additional services. Often there are longer wait times during weekends, lunch time, and evening on week days.

    Q: Does the Lube Center provide state inspection services?
    The Lube Center is certified to perform state inspections only in Pennsylvania, not in Maryland. Each Auto Repair location is a certified Maryland inspection and emissions repair station.  
    Q: Does the Lube Center offer Fleet or Commercial vehicle services?
    Yes, please visit our Fleet Services page for more information.
    Q: Can I purchase gift cards for the Lube Center?
    Yes, you can purchase gift cards of any denomination at any location. Visit the Gift Cards page for more information.
    Q: How can I contact Customer Relations?
    To contact the Customer Relations Department simply fill out the Customer Relations Form, call, or write us at the address below. If your inquiry requires a response, a customer relations representative will contact you within two business days.
    WLR Automotive Group Inc.
    1313 Orchard Way
    Frederick, MD 21703
    (301) 668-1440 x106
    Customer Relations Hours M-F 8am-4pm
    Q: How do I find discounts in my local area?

    Visit the Locations page to view stores and discounts available in your neighborhood.

    Q: Do you offer military personnel or senior citizen discounts?
    Yes, we offer a 10% discount every day on all services for all military personnel and senior citizens.
    Q: How can I get a quote for vehicle repairs or services?
    The fastest way to receive an accurate quote based on your vehicle year, make and model is to contact the Auto Repair, Lube Center, or Auto Spa location nearest you. You may also fill out the Customer Relations Form and select price quote as your topic, for this method please allow 24 hours for a response.
    Q: How do I establish a Fleet or Commercial account?
    To learn more about establishing a Fleet or Commercial account, please visit the Fleet Services page. We offer a comprehensive Fleet program that can be customized to include vehicle maintenance, complete repair services, full service car wash, detailing services, or any combination to meet your business needs. Our goal is to keep your vehicles on the road, clean, and keep your employees productive by getting them in and out quickly.
    Q: How do I change or cancel my Unlimited Auto Spa Membership?
    For changes or additions to your Unlimited Membership please call Customer Relations at 301-668-1440 x106. To cancel your membership fill out the Customer Relations Form and select Cancel Unlimited Membership as your topic, be sure to supply the license plate for each Unlimited Membership vehicle in your household. You may also e-mail Customer Relations. Please note that membership fees are auto-charged each month on your original activation date; cancellation requests received after your recharge date will not be processed until the following month. Pro-rated refunds are not available if your membership is cancelled after your recharge date has passed.
    Q: Do I need an appointment for repairs or maintenance at The Auto Repair locations?
    Absolutely not. We will fit you in no matter what and rental cars are always available. If you prefer to schedule an appointment please contact the Auto Repair location nearest you. To accommodate your busy schedule, a convenient night drop-box is also available.
    Q: Do I need an appointment for detailing services at the Auto Spa locations?
    Absolutely not. We will fit you in for detailing services no matter what it takes. If you prefer to schedule an appointment please contact the Auto Spa location nearest you. While-you-wait detailing services are also available; please allow for a 30 minute wait per service.
    Q: How can I obtain a copy of my Lube Center or Auto Repair service records?
    To receive a copy of your Lube Center or Auto Repair service records, fill out the Customer Relations Form and select service history as your topic. We will locate and send your service history records to you within one week.
    Q: How do I know if my vehicle needs to be maintained with synthetic oil changes?
    Your owner’s manual will specify which type of oil your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends for the year, make, and model of your vehicle. Several auto manufacturers recommend and/or require the use of synthetic oil in certain models to maintain peak engine performance. Vehicle manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac, Volkswagen, Audi, and Chevrolet (Corvette) recommend synthetic for specific makes and models; consult your owner’s manual for details about your vehicle.       

    Questions about the discontinuation of our Loyalty Club? Call Customer Relations at 301-703-3600