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    Service Description

    Air Filtration Services

    Air filters stop dust and dirt from entering the engine and your vehicle’s interior cabin; they should be replaced at least annually or every 12,000 miles.  

    Air Filter Replacement service

    The air filter cleans air that the engine breathes by filtering out dirt and other contaminants before the air mixes with fuel on its way to the engine.

    Your Lube Center technicians will:

    • inspect air filter for build-up of dirt and contaminants 
    • replace air filter

    Battery Ventilation Filter Replacement Service

    The battery ventilation filter helps prolong the life of hybrid vehicles by providing constant air flow and circulation.

    Your Lube Center technicians will:

    • inspect battery ventilation filter for build-up of dirt and wear 
    •  replace battery ventilation filter

    Cabin Air Filter Replacement service

    Replacing your cabin air filter regularly reduces contaminants such as pollen, dust, and odors that enter your vehicle through the vent system and can help reduce allergy symptoms year round.

    Your Lube Center technicians will:

    • inspect cabin air filter for build-up of dirt and contaminants
    • replace cabin air filter