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    Service Description

    Electrical System Services

    The Lube Center will inspect your battery and spark plugs to ensure they are properly maintained and will make replacements when necessary. 

    Battery Testing & Replacement Service

    Testing your vehicle's battery provides early detection of problems. At The Lube Center, we will visually inspect and test the battery, starter, and alternator. We will also remove the old battery and replace it with a new model that fits your vehicle manufacturer's specification.

    Battery Terminal Cleaning Service

    The battery terminal connects the battery to your vehicle's electrical system. Cleaning the terminal will enable a clear connection, ensuring your car is dependable.

    Your Lube Center technicians will:

    • visually inspect battery cable terminals for build-up, corrosion, or damage
    • remove and clean the cable terminals and battery posts
    • coat with protective spray to extend the life of your battery terminal

    Spark Plug Replacement Service

    As spark plugs age, they wear down and must work harder to create the spark that ignites the fuel/air combination in the combustion chamber. The extra energy needed increases exhaust emissions, wastes gas and reduces power.

    Your Lube Center technicians will:

    • inspect spark plugs for wear or damage
    • replace spark plugs from 3 to 8 cylinder engines based on your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications